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The Next Revolution: Resisting the Cult of the Self
The Next Revolution: Resisting the Cult of the Self

The Next Revolution: Resisting the Cult of the Self

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Christians were once known for their purity, selflessness and brotherly love but today there is often little discernible difference between the church and the world.

In The Next Revolution, McGarvie explores the influences that have shaped society and crept into Christian thinking since the cultural revolutions of the ’60s and ’70s, exposing the deceptions of self-worship and stripping them back to their ugly foundations with clarity and wisdom.

But there is hope. Amid the chaos and disorder, the ancient path is illuminated, calling us to return to biblical truth and stand as a distinct counter culture—because when the church is most like the world, it is least relevant. Only a revolution will bring us back!

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"With great opposition come great opportunities for the church. This book challenges the body of Christ to rise and respond in practical ways and engage in this life and death battle. The Next Revolution will both inform you and stir you to action." - Letitia Shelton, Founder of City Women

"Cindy Mcgarvie’s book is a resource manual that ensures the reader will be able to trace the why of the philosophies and worldviews and understand why nothing short of another Jesus revolution that releases a sequence of tsunami waves of love and truth will rescue the nations." - Peter Brownhill Director of Youth with a Mission (YWAM), Perth

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Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Dimensions: 152 x 229mm
ISBN: 978-0-6483954-3-0
Publisher: Youth for Christ Australia